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lessons for startups

This post is part of the Lessons for Startup Series: Bringing awesome curated topics for startups from around the web!

Firstly, let me get the ‘what this post is not’ bit out the way. It’s an example, not a playbook. Also, I’m generalising quite a bit and have deliberately removed some parts of the equation (more

top 5 wireframing tools mobile web apps

Top 5 Wireframing Tools for Mobile Apps

Wireframing is one of the most important basic practices to be done before designing the mobile app UI. Thus it is very relevance to find out the top wireframing tools which can be used as per requirement.


balsamiq mobile app wireframing

Balsamiq is probably one of

lessons for startups

I bet you wouldn’t have heard the name of Ron Wayne but you most certainly know about the startup that he co-founded. And the name of the startup is now famous Apple. Yes! Ron Wayne was the third member along with Steve Jobs and Steve Woznaik. However in 1976, Ron decided to sell his 10% stake in Apple for 800

mobile app prototyping

In today’s creative and technical environment, the terms “UX” (User Experience) and “UI” (User Interface) are being used more than ever. But the fact is only few knows what they are.  In reality UX is not UI or vice versa.

UX is the feeling you get being able to ride the horse, and rope your cattle,on the other hand UI is

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