Axure is a tool not a strategy

Axure is possible the most powerful wireframe tool out there. But as is the case with any tool, its just a tool , with the absence of strategy it is not going to cut the ice.  You can pull out best results if you have an information architect in your team who can help you draw a blue print of how the entire product should look like and behave.

Information Architect, Domain knowledge, a sense of design and a code ninja is the minimum that you should have on your team to plan, execute and launch a world class product. Absence of any will result in a substandard product.

Having a clear strategy, feature lists, wish lists, competitor analysis is the prerequisite before embarking on any UI planning. Axure will definitely help you translate your ideas into a very powerful blueprint. We have executed lot of  assignments with the same approach and we have come out winning time and again. If you would like to see some of work then do check out our portfolio or drop us an email on  to setup an appointment with one of our experts.